AC / Non AC Cottage

Experience the ultimate jungle, sitting in the private balcony of your room, over looking the dense Saal Forest where nocturnal birds & animals like Owls, Night Jars, Cheetal, Leopards and Tigers roam freely. Feel the jungle growing dense from the safety of your luxurious bed and squeaky clean room.

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Veg / Non-Veg Food

Experience our mouth watering, finger licking VEG and NON VEG food specially crafted saving the local taste. We use different kitchen area for making VEG and NON VEG food, so you can relish on the delicious dishes we serve without worrying about a single thing. Using all the locally grown vegetables, perfectly balanced Indian Spices and made by the hands of locals, we are sure would want to visit us every time you plan to come to Kanha.

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Jungle Safari

Its not just visiting the jungle that makes your trip a memory but visiting the jungle with a knowledgeable and Experienced person is what it takes to get the real and raw experience of the jungle. Our Experienced Tour Guide are smart in spotting animals and birds from far and have a strong knowledge base to enrich you with. We arrange your complete guided tour so that you sit back and enjoy the jungle to its fullest.

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Bird Watching

Kanha is not less than a heaven when it comes to spotting exotic birds which are rare and beautiful. Right from the Amazing Wood pecker to the Racket Tailed Drongo, Kanha has it all. The best part is you dont have to be in the core area to be able to spot them. The easy accessible zones of Kanha's forest are the home of some of the rarest and most beautiful species of birds. We love to arrange Guided Bird Watching Tours, the breathtaking environment of dawn, the saal forest and the most beautiful birds of Kanha are a classing combination to enjoy you visit. A healthy and delicious breakfast after that puts a cherry on the cake.

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WildLife Photography

Having an Experienced Guide with you on your Safari and Bird Watching trips will put you on the right spot at the right time. At the end of your visit you will see that you have your own collection of amazing shots for Birds, Animals, Insects and Reptiles.

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Nature Walk

As a big chunk of Kanha's jungle falls in the easy accessible area, its a heaven for nature lovers to go on a stroll, experience the ultimate beauty of the magnificent jungles of Kanha. Walking by the riverside with water gushing though some giant rocks, strolling in the jungle quietly in a silent afternoon or having your lunch or dinner arranged in the jungle you can have it all.

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